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The Eternal Sunshine of the Tormented Mind...

Real Name - Kelly

Age - 24

Affiliated With - Xan, my partner-in-crime and love. ^_^

What's New? - I'm heading out to Taiwan for almost a year with Xan so things will be getting pretty interesting for me! Anyone interested in seeing what I get up to while there can check my Taiwan-specific LJ, kelly_in_taiwan.


About the Journal

This journal's a personal one so I might rant and ramble on a bit about real life stuff, but I also like to use the space to display any icons or graphics I create as well as 'publish' my own movie reviews. While I originally created this as a way to keep in touch with some real life friends of mine, I would like to think that I might be able to meet a few new people via LJ and share my interests with others.

Just a few guidelines if you're reading this journal..

+ If you take any of my icons, please save them to your own image host/account and although credit is not necessary, it would be nice (and I would be doubly happy if you linked back to this journal!)

+ Don't take any of my movie reviews and pass them off as your own because it's not nice or original.

+ Enjoy yourself and feel free to join any of the communities I run! (see below)


Can I 'friend' you?

If you want to, then by all means! I don't pretend to be remotely interesting but if you like reading what I have to say, then I have no problems with being added to your Friends List and may even 'friend' you back in return!


Communities I Manage..



Quiz Results

i'm in slytherin!

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You chose green eyes.
You are a very fun person to be around. You
appreciate all the little things in life, even
if it's something like a soft pillow, or a
certain tree. You can also see the good in
people too, and like them for it. You have many
dreams, and you want to fullfill them all
before you die. You are also mysterious, and
secretive, and guys/girls are attracted to you
for it.

The Eye color personality test
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Goth sue
You are Goth!Sue.
You're edgy and angsty - your no-nonsense street
talk and sarcasm is obviously hiding a wounded
heart. Thankfully, you are able to overcome
your pain in face of the dangerous quest your
new friends are involved in, and despite
numerous lapses into depression, self-harm and
Evanescence, you'll produce the ass-kicking
goods needed to sort out the bad guys. And
maybe show your feminine side in the

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