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The Eternal Sunshine of the Tormented Mind...
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2nd-Oct-2005 02:24 am - Jet Lagged!
Well, am suffering from slight jet lag after my 16 hour ordeal of getting to Taiwan so thought I might as well e-mail and update my LJs while I'm at it!

First, my first post from Taiwan is now up at kelly_in_taiwan!

Second (and probably lastly as I'm thinking of getting some sleep in a bit)...something tells me that Jennifer Aniston's a little bitter about the break-up of her marriage to the Pitt-ster. She claims she has a good nickname for Angelina Jolie : Gollum! I know she's kind of blaming Angelina for the whole thing (though she forgets it's a two-way thing and Brad's just as responsible) but I can't see any resemblence between the ugly CGI character and Angelina who is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful women around. Not that Jennifer is ugly....many would kill for her looks, perhaps even myself included. But I'm not sure many would go with her assessment of Angelina as being thin and ugly like Tolkie's creation....

Anyway, time to chill out before sleepy-time.

K. zzz
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